Energy Efficient Electrodeless Discharge Lamp , Magnetic Induction Lamp No Flickering

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SNT
Certification: CE RoHS CCC FCC CB
Model Number: GC016-80W/100W/120W/150W/200W/250W/300W
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs sample available
Packaging Details: 1pcs/Carton, customed exporting cartons
Delivery Time: 10-15 days for qty<500pcs, 20-25 days for qty<2000pcs
Payment Terms: Western Union, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100pcs/Day



Electrodeless Discharge Lamp Induction Lamp Highbay Light 80W-300W 5 Years warranty 100000Hrs Replacing HID Lamp 0.99PF



Application Of LED Solar Light:





Features of Induction Lamp

(Electrodeless Discharge Lamp):



1. Longer life:

     no electrodes, electrodes fail in normal fluorescent lamps shortening life,

     the tungsten thins and brakes.
    Longer life:

     sealed tube, by not having electrodes the tube can be perfectly sealed,

     when seals go bad in regular fluorescent lamps gas escapes through the weakness and the lamp fails.


2.Energy efficient, often 80+ lumens per watt

3. No flickering

4. Dimmable 10 -100%

5. Can light both small and large areas depending on which type of induction lamp one uses



1. Bulky design for large area lighting, the discharge tube is large compared with HID lamps.

2. New and Old technology:

    it is new: it is still expensive to buy the lamps.

     It is old: most companies that make the lamps are using 20 year old ballast technology

    copied from OSRAM and . The ballasts have a high failure rate.


3. The technology is under commercialized.

4. Radio interference is a major problem to be worked out.

     The lamps are limited in use due to this issue.

How It Work ? 
Induction Lamps create light by using an electromagnetic field to excite mercury particles mixed
in an inert gas like argon or krypton.
The mercury creates a UV light and a phosphor on the inside of the bulb or tube filters the energy
into visible light.
This is a type of fluorescent light. Unlike a standard fluorescent light this does not use electrodes in the tube.
Induction lamp has three parts:
               Energy Efficient Electrodeless Discharge Lamp , Magnetic Induction Lamp No Flickering
Frequency generator (ballast), discharge tube and electromagnet (aka: inductor, energy coupling coils or energizing coils).
1. First the ballast creates high frequency current (between 2.51-3 MHz or 250 kHz for closed ferrite toroid(external lamps)).
2. The current is sent through the electromagnet and an electric field is produced.
    The number of turns (times the wire is wrapped around the iron core) is determined by how each product is designed (so it is not consistent among different lamps).

3. Energy is transferred from the magnet to the mercury in the tube in the same way that a transformer works... induction.

4. The mercury vapor emits UV light which strikes the phosphor and makes light. GE Genura and QL lamps have a conductive coating to contain electromagnetic interference.      


Product Parameter:


Model Watt Rated Voltage Current N.W. (Kg) G.W. (Kg) Packing Dimension
GC016-80W 80W 100-300V 0.7-0.3A 8.6 12.5 670*670*450mm 26.37*26.37*17.71in
GC016-100W 100W 100-300V 0.87-0.37A 8.6 12.5
GC016-120W 120W 100-300V 1.05-0.45A 8.7 12.6
GC016-150W 150W 100-300V 1.31-0.56A 8.7 12.6
GC016-200W 200W 100-300V 1.75-0.75A 8.9 12.8
GC016-250W 250W 100-300V 2.18-0.94A 8.9 12.8
GC016-300W 300W 100-300V 2.6-1.02A 9.5 13.2


Maintenance / Installation Instructions:


              Installation Instruction

           (For Induction Lamp and Ballast)




Special declarations:


Production Line For GC016 Electrodeless Highbay Light:       


                           Energy Efficient Electrodeless Discharge Lamp , Magnetic Induction Lamp No Flickering





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